Utilizing Evidence in Historical Interpretation: The Case of First Mass in the Philippines

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What is the primary focus of this case study?

Utilization of evidence and interpretation in history

Why has Butuan long been believed to be the site of the first Mass in the Philippines?

Because of the commemorative monument erected in 1872

Why was the Butuan claim questioned in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?

Following a more nuanced analysis of available evidence

Where did the Spaniards anchor after seeing land towards the northwest on March 16, 1521?


Which island is also known as 'Ceylon' according to Pigafetta?


Which island mentioned in Albo's Log is believed to be the same as 'Acquada or Homonhon' at 10 degrees North latitude?


What is the significance of Francisco Albo's log in identifying the site of the first Mass?

It is one of two primary sources historians rely on

Where did the Spaniards plant a cross upon a mountain-top and were shown three islands to the west and southwest?


How did increasing scholarship on Philippine history impact the understanding of the first Mass?

It introduced new considerations questioning established beliefs

At which latitude was the small island called 'Mazava' located?

9 and two-thirds degrees North

Explore a case study on how evidence and interpretation are utilized in understanding historical events, focusing on the site of the First Catholic Mass in the Philippines at Butuan. Delve into the historiographical exercise of analyzing the significance of this event through a critical lens.

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