Using the Internet to its Full Potential IT Course for 1st Year Students

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What is the Internet?

A worldwide network of billions of connected computers and electronic devices

What does it mean when a computer is online?

It's connected to the Internet

What is one of the benefits of using the Internet?

Access to almost any information and communication with anyone around the world

What is the main focus of the Internet safety and security section?

Protecting personal information and data from online threats

What is the purpose of artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to the Internet?

To automate tasks and provide personalized experiences

What is one of the challenges associated with the Internet?

Security threats and privacy concerns

What is the significance of the Internet in modern society?

Integral part of modern society, influencing communication, work, learning, entertainment, and civic life

When were the first computers connected via the ARPANET network?

In 1969

What percentage of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone?

Over 90%

What is the main application of e-commerce?

Business transactions and online shopping

What is a common cybersecurity threat?


Which platform provides access to courses, certifications, and degrees?


What is the significance of strong passwords in internet safety?

Reduces the risk of cyber threats like phishing

What has contributed to over 55% of website traffic?

Smartphones and tablets

Which aspect of modern life has been influenced by the Internet?


Explore the contents of the IT course for 1st year students, covering topics such as the importance of internet in the digital age, global connectivity, statistics on internet users, benefits of using the internet, e-commerce, internet safety and security, and internet for education.

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