US Participation in World War 1 and Wilson's Presidency

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What was the impact of US participation in World War I on Wilson's presidency?

How did the US public react to the participation in World War I?

What hindered the US from joining Wilson's League of Nations?

What effect did World War I have on the American people's perception of international engagement?

Which country did the US buy Alaska from?

Which US president helped mediate an end to the war between Russia and Japan?

What was President McKinley known for in relation to foreign affairs?

What did the Palmer Raids target in 1919-1920?

What was President Harding's vision for America's future?

Which event contributed to racial tensions during the 'Red Summer' of 1919?

What did many Americans equate with demands for more rights by blacks during the 'Red Summer' of 1919?

What was the nickname for US soldiers who fought in World War I?


Explore the impact of US participation in World War 1 on President Wilson's agenda and the country. Understand how it shifted Wilson's focus and shaped the domestic landscape, including changes in freedoms and public opinion.

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