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What is the primary goal of the strategic plan for STM Vision 2020?

Which type of plan focuses on comprehensive goals related to land use, transportation, and environment over a 20-year timeline?

What does the term 'Walkability' from an 8-80 Perspective imply?

What is the main focus of the strategic plan for STM Vision 2020 in terms of transportation?

What are the key figures considered in the PMAD comprehensive plan?

What is the main emphasis of Urban Structure with Movement in Mind?

What is the origin of the word 'map'?

What did Mark Monmonier mean by 'Maps are scaled models of reality'?

How do tangible maps differ from mental maps?

What advantage do tangible maps have over mental maps?

What are mental maps similar to?

What do mental maps help us to identify?

What is the recommended distance for mixed development neighborhoods?

Which type of map uses graduated color to illustrate values of a phenomenon over a division of space?

What does a clustering of dots represent in a Dot Density Map?

What are the two categories of thematic information in GIS?

What does GIS stand for?

What is the purpose of understanding map projections in GIS?

What are the components of concept maps?

According to the text, why is context important in development?

What are Lynch’s Five Imageability Elements?

What are the two main types of plans mentioned in the text?

What are Lynch’s Five C’s for walking?

What is the purpose of Toronto’s Official Plan according to the text?

What are the two main ways to combine vector data with raster data in GIS?

In GIS, what subjective choices influence the level of abstraction of spatial representation?

In urban planning, why do planners use GIS?

What disciplines use GIS according to the text?

What are some examples of spatial analysis that can be performed on vector data in GIS?

What are some goals and planning considerations related to neighborhood centers as mentioned in the text?

In urban planning, what does CPTED stand for?

What does Ria Hutabarat Lo recommend to improve walkability?

What is the main purpose of 'defensible space' in urban planning?

What is the ideal block size for optimum pedestrian activity needs?

What does the acronym GFA stand for in urban planning?

What does the concept of 'universal access characteristics' aim to achieve in urban planning?

What is the primary focus of 'transit-oriented development'?

What does the term 'Walkability' from an 8-80 Perspective imply?

'Placemaking Design Considerations' include analysis of which of the following environmental aspects?

'Mixed Use Development' aims to achieve which outcome?


Test your knowledge on urban planning principles such as promoting direct connections to main streets, maximizing mixed use potential, and designing walkable neighborhoods. Explore concepts related to grid types, pedestrian access, and benchmark distances for essential facilities.

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