UPSC Mains: Ongoing Politico-Socio-Economic Situation in Sri Lanka

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What is the main focus of the given text?

Which aspect is primarily addressed in the given text?

What is the intended purpose of the text in the context of UPSC exams?

What was the capital city of the Maurya empire?

Who was the most famous ruler of the Maurya empire?

What was the approximate duration of the Maurya empire's rule?

Which ruler is associated with the Maurya empire?

What was the administration system of the Maurya empire known as?

Which ancient Indian text records the rise of the Maurya empire?


Prepare for the UPSC mains by assessing in detail the ongoing politico-socio-economic situation in Sri Lanka. This quiz will test your knowledge of the current events and their impact on the country's political, social, and economic landscape.

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