Biopsychology Chapter 11 Final

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Which one of these is the most correct?

Semantic; Episodic

Remembering how much an ice-cream cost when we were small is a

Semantic memory

Adding up what the groceries cost for dinner right now, is

Semantic memory

Someone with damage to their bilateral medial temporal lobe can present with issues with their

Episodic memory

Episodic memory is also known as

Autobiographical memory

To know all the names of your first grade class from 40 years ago, is

Episodic memory

Which lobes were removed from H.M.'s brain during the lobectomy?

Temporal lobes

What type of amnesia did H.M. experience after the lobectomy?

Anterograde amnesia

Which tests were used to assess H.M.'s anterograde amnesia?

All of the above

What did H.M. demonstrate in terms of unconscious memory?

Retention of tasks without conscious recollection

Which lobes are illustrated in Figure 11.1?

Temporal lobes

What did H.M.'s ability to recognize fragmented versions of incomplete-pictures indicate?

Unconscious memory for the items

Which brain area is known for its complex visual functions?

Inferotemporal cortex

Which brain area is responsible for holding memories?


What is the purpose of the delayed nonmatching-to-sample test for monkeys?

To assess object recognition

What type of amnesia did the electroconvulsive shocks produce for one-season television shows?

Retrograde amnesia

What structures make up the medial temporal lobe?

Hippocampus, amygdala, and medial temporal cortex

What is the purpose of the Mumby box in studying object recognition in rats?

To study object recognition

Which brain region is specialized in visual memory and processing?

Inferotemporal cortex

What is the presumed role of the cerebellum in memory?

Storing implicit memories of sensorimotor skills

Which brain region would most likely be involved in a person learning to ride a bicycle for the first time?


What is the process that results in hypersensitivity of synapses and is postulated by Hebb?

Long-term potentiation

What is the role of NMDA receptors in the induction of long-term potentiation?

All of the above

What is the term used to describe the increase in number and size of synapses and dendritic spines during the maintenance and expression of long-term potentiation?

Structural changes

Based on the description of the amygdala's role, which scenario best exemplifies the amygdala's influence on memory?

A person being unable to forget a traumatic incident.

In the context of inferotemporal cortex's mnemonic functions, how would it affect an individual's memory if this region were damaged?

It would lead to deficits in visual memory.

Imagine a patient with damage to the prefrontal cortex. In which situation would they likely face the most challenges?

Following a recipe to cook a meal.

What role does the cerebellum play in memory?

Storing sensorimotor skill memories.

What type of memory is the striatum implicated in storing?

Habit formation.

What is the main outcome of large lesions in the prefrontal cortex?

Episodic memory deficits.

Test your knowledge on the presumed role of the cerebellum in memory! Explore the different scenarios where memory is involved and see if you can identify the specific functions of the cerebellum. From storing explicit memories to recognizing shapes and colors, this quiz covers it all. Challenge yourself and see how well you understand the role of the cerebellum in memory formation.

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