Turning Psychology into social contextual analysis: chapter 2

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What are the resource–social relationship pathways?

Our social relationships

What are some of the contexts the author suggests considering in order to understand human behavior?

Historical periods

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a difficult case that requires more detail?


According to Gibson and Gibson (1955), how does learning to see happen?

By finer and finer differentiations of behavior or doing things

According to Pathway 2, what is the onus of showing?

That our worlds and environments have sufficient complexity and adaptations to change when we do

What did Gibson argue against in his original paper?

The assumption that something is taken in by the sensory organs

Which fields have been describing social and societal contexts for many years?

Social anthropology, sociology, and sociolinguistics

What is the term used by sociologists to describe the ability to see all the social, societal, cultural, economic, and other contexts that have shaped an individual?

Sociological imagination

What is the first point of social contextual analysis?

Following Pathway 2

What does the text suggest about the idea of individuals?

Individuals are shaped by their social and societal contexts

What did Skinner focus on in his study of behavior?

Exploring the contingent relations between an organism's actions and external consequences

What did the text suggest about the need for the brain to construct a three-dimensional representation of the environment?

The brain does not need to construct a three-dimensional representation of the environment

What is the vision of social contextual analysis in psychology according to the text?

To bring together all social sciences to form a united analysis of material contexts

What was the subject matter of psychology according to the text?

Behaviour and contingent relations with external consequences

What are some of the main social behavior categories of what humans do with each other?

Compete, cooperate, bond, bully

What are some examples of resources that people try to obtain in life, according to the text?

A job, money, love, attention

Why is it difficult to analyze escaping or avoiding bad things in reality, according to the text?

Because we do not see tangible outcomes when successful

What is the relationship between resources and social relationships?

All our resources come through social relationships

Test your knowledge on social contextual analysis and how it shapes our behavior! This quiz explores the insights provided by social anthropologists, sociolinguists, and sociologists in understanding the influence of social and societal relationships on individuals. Discover the missing link in observing and analyzing these complex environments.

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