University of Baghdad Al Kindy College of Medicine ECE Module Third Stage Physical Examination Preparation

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What is the first step in the structured approach to the examination of the system?


Why is it important for the room to be warm and well lit during physical examinations?

To detect subtle abnormalities of complexion

When is it appropriate to have a chaperone present during a physical examination?

Only for intimate examinations

What should always be done before conducting a consultation with a patient?

Observe local hand hygiene policies

Why is it essential to have chaperones during intimate examinations?

To protect both the patient and the healthcare provider

What is the purpose of sequence in performing a physical examination?

To maintain consistency and thoroughness

Which scale categorizes a patient as 'Alert', 'Responding to voice', 'Responding to pain', or 'Unresponsive'?

AVPU scale

What does the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) measure?

Eye-opening, vocal, and motor responses

What can abnormalities of gait indicate?

Neurological or musculoskeletal disease

In a patient with heart failure and congestion of the lungs, how is the posture likely to be different from a patient without these conditions?

Sitting upright with the help of a backrest

What may baggy and loose clothes on a patient indicate?

Recent weight loss

What should be considered if a patient is wearing inappropriate attire?

Underlying medical condition or life-sustaining treatment

What can tattoos or piercings on a patient provide important background information about?

Possible associated infections

In the context of facial expression and speech, what can sparse, coarse hair and eyebrows indicate?


What might a person dressed for summer in the depths of winter indicate?

Heat intolerance

What should be considered if a patient is wearing a medical identity bracelet or other jewelry?

Underlying medical condition or life-sustaining treatment

Prepare for the physical examination in the ECE module of the third stage at the University of Baghdad Al Kindy College of Medicine. Learn about the importance of patient introduction, seeking permission, equipment preparation, hand hygiene, and privacy in patient assessment.

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