Understanding Writs and Subordinate Courts Quiz

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In what circumstances can a court issue a 'writ of certiorari'?

To ensure lower courts act within the scope of their authority

What is the purpose of a 'writ of quo warranto'?

To challenge the authority of a person holding a public office

What type of disputes are typically handled by Subordinate Courts?

Civil disputes between individuals

Which type of court is responsible for interpreting the law and settling disputes?

High Courts

What is the primary function of a 'writ of habeas corpus'?

To safeguard an individual's right to personal liberty

Which court has the authority to issue a 'writ of mandamus'?

Supreme Court

What is the main purpose of Lok Adalats?

To provide legal aid and settle disputes expeditiously and at low cost

This quiz covers topics related to writs such as Warranto, its purpose in protecting freedom, and how it can be used in different situations. It also explores the functions and structure of subordinate courts in the justice system.

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