Understanding Values and Norms in Ethics

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During which period was the practice of agriculture known?

Late Paleolithic period

What allowed societies to become larger?

Producing more food

What economic system was founded during the agrarian stage of society?

Market economic system

What flourished during the Metal Age?

Use of metal such as bronze, copper, and iron

Which of the following has little influence on our ways of perceiving, behaving, and feeling?


What sparked the growth of cities as economic and political centers?

Expansion of trade

Why are immovable tangible heritage pieces vulnerable to decay and corrosion?

Due to constant exposure to the elements of nature like rain, wind, sand, and sun

What makes conservation of immovable heritage pieces more challenging?

The constant exposure to natural elements

What can hinder conservation efforts for immovable heritage pieces?

Inadequate funding for conservation projects

What is a major challenge faced in preserving immovable tangible heritage pieces?

Exposure to elements like rain, wind, sand, and sun

How does constant exposure to elements impact the preservation of tangible heritage pieces?

It makes conservation more challenging

What contributes to the vulnerability of immovable heritage pieces?

Exposure to rain, wind, sand, and sun

What is the definition of culture according to Taylor (2010)?

The complex whole of beliefs, practices, values, and more that a person learns and shares in society

How does culture relate to human survival according to the text?

Culture helps humans compensate for their biological limitations in order to survive

What aids humans in efficiently obtaining food and deterring predators?

Cultural technologies

What is the primary focus of evolution according to Banaag (2012)?

Biological changes in a population over generations

What is important in understanding the capability for adaptation?

Understanding man's progression and characteristics

How long ago were the different species of primates able to evolve according to the text?

40 million years ago

What are norms?

Shared rules of conduct that specify how people ought to think and act

Which type of norm is associated with strong ideas of right and wrong?


What is a defining characteristic of folkways?

No punishment attached if violated

Which form of norm represents obligatory behavior?


What distinguishes laws from other forms of norms?

They are often referred to as formal norms

What is the essential feature of folkways according to the text?

No punishment if violated

What does the poster's slogan on culture convey?

It is catchy and supports the idea of the importance of culture.

What can be inferred about the attractiveness of the poster design?

It is not attractive, with a messy design and an unclear slogan.

According to the provided text, what is the main issue with the poster?

The poster is distractingly messy and poorly designed.

Which text would likely provide insights into 'Understanding Society, Culture, and Politics'?

Leaῆo, Roman Jr.D., Society and Culture for College Students: A Modular Approach

Which source potentially focuses on 'Society, Culture, and Politics' in Bulacan?

Marquez-Alimbuyuguen, Marivic, Guiang-Franco, Weena, Cruz-Sa-ao, Beverly, Sagandoy, Tecah C., Lumidao, Cherry L., Understanding Society, Culture and Politics Bulacan: IPM Publishing

Based on the text references provided, which source could offer insights into 'Society and Culture for College Students'?

Alejandria-Gonzalez, Maria Carinnes P., Understanding Society, Culture and Politics Makati City: Diwa Learning Systems Inc.

Explore the concepts of values and norms, and how they shape our judgments of right and wrong. Learn about shared rules of conduct that guide behavior within a group, and how norms are established based on group expectations and circumstances.

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