Understanding Social Psychology: Groups Quiz

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What are the different levels of commitment and effort individuals put into a group?

Peripheral and prototype

What did Norman Triplett observe in the 1800s that led to his study on social facilitation?

Cycling events and their performance against each other or against the clock

In the context of group roles, what is the abstract idea of someone who doesn't live up to the expectations of the ideal type of group member?

Deviant member

Which behavior leads to more influence over other group members and greater trust?

Displaying behaviors aligned with the ideal group member

What did Norman Triplett's study on social facilitation involve with regards to children?

Measuring how many turns children could take at a task

Test your knowledge on social psychology and group dynamics with this quiz. Explore concepts such as the Evaluation Apprehension Model, Distraction Conflict theory, and Norms. The quiz covers important theories and studies from Hogg & Vaughan's 'Social Psychology' book.

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