Understanding Psychological Disorders and Psychopathology

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What is the definition of psychological dysfunction?

Which profession focuses on clinical training and de-emphasizes research training?

What is the primary difference between Clinical/Counseling Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

What does psychopathology refer to?

What term is used to refer to the unique combination of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that make up a specific disorder?

Which term refers to the study of origins and the reason why a disorder begins?

What term is used to describe a disorder that is likely to improve without treatment in a relatively short period with little or no risk of recurrence?

What is the term for the beginning of a disorder that occurs suddenly?

Which term is used to describe behaviors that are aligned with personal values and self-image?

What term is used to indicate how many new cases of a disorder occur during a given period?

Which term represents the anticipated course of a disorder?

What are individuals called who earn a master’s in social work as they develop expertise in collecting information relevant to the social and family situation of an individual?

What term is used to describe the belief that thoughts have been put into one's mind?

Which physician described cases of schizophrenia and used the term demence precoce?

What does Cotard's Syndrome involve the belief of?

Which syndrome is characterized by the delusional idea that a known person has been replaced by a double?

Who unified the distinct categories of schizophrenia under the name Dementia Praecox?

Which term refers to the belief that one's body or actions are being acted on or manipulated by an outside force?

What is the term for the inability to initiate and persist in activities, which is a symptom of schizophrenia?

Which type of hallucination is associated with temporal lobe foci?

What is the most common form of hallucination experienced by people with schizophrenia?

What is the belief that one is going to be harmed, harassed, or persecuted known as?

Which term refers to the conviction that a major catastrophe will occur?

What term describes the lack of pleasure and is a symptom of schizophrenia?

Which term refers to the lack of interest in social interactions and is a symptom of schizophrenia?

What type of hallucination happens during sleep, specifically when waking up?

When an individual believes that another person is in love with him or her, it is known as:


Explore the concepts of psychological disorders, psychological dysfunction, distress, impairment, atypical behavior, and psychopathology. Learn about the scientific study of mental disorders and their manifestations within individuals.

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