Understanding Programmed Cell Death

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What process triggers entosis?

Integrin-ECM attachment

Which proteins are downstream targets of the small GTPases RhoA, RhoB, and RhoC?


What cellular activities are ROCKs involved in?

Actin cytoskeleton organization and cell adhesion

What is the term used to describe accidental cell death?


How does apoptosis differ from non-apoptotic cell death?

Apoptosis occurs in a caspase-dependent manner, while non-apoptotic cell death is caspase-independent

What stimulates non-programmed necrosis?

Infection, toxins, and physical injury

What are the defining features of paraptosis?

Cytoplasmic vacuolation and caspase activation

How is methuosis typically assessed in research?

By electron microscopy

What is the main cause of methuosis?

Ras hyper-activation and apoptosis impairment

What is the specific characteristic of the vacuoles formed in methuosis?

Massive accumulation of large fluid-filled single membrane vacuoles

Test your knowledge about the different types of programmed cell death (PCD), including apoptotic and non-apoptotic cell death, as well as non-programmed necrosis. Explore the morphological characteristics and molecular mechanisms of PCD in this quiz.

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