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Which principle of human development states that it involves change?

Human development is continuous

In the context of human development, which domain specifically relates to changes in thinking and memory?

Cognitive development

What major concept related to physical development is mentioned in the text?

Motor skills and brain growth

What influences human development?

Genetics and environment

What do theories of human behavior across the lifespan aim to explain?

Change or stability in people's lives

Which statement about human development is inaccurate based on the text?

Human development occurs randomly.

What are the major concepts related to cognitive development?

Thought, learning, language, memory

During which age range do pre-schoolers typically engage in different types of play?

3 to 5 years

What is a key aspect of psychosocial development during middle childhood (6 to 11 years)?

Peer groups and close friendships form

Which age phase marks the time when infants develop object permanence?

Birth to 2 years

What is a significant change in cognitive development during adolescence (12 to 18 years)?

Logical thinking and conservation established

Which age group experiences a period where body growth is rapid and reflexes refine to become more purposeful movement?

Birth to 2 years

Test your knowledge on identifying health determinants, theories explaining human behavior, and promoting psychosocial wellbeing across the lifespan. Explore concepts related to human development and ways people change or stay stable throughout their lives.

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