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Which of the following was NOT listed as one of the 10 leading causes of death in 2006?

Assault (homicide)

What is the approximate percentage of the 10 leading causes of death that are related to diseases of the heart and cancer combined?


Which leading cause of death is NOT associated with a specific disease or condition?

Unintentional injuries (accidents)

Which factor has the most significant impact on an individual's health status?

Genetic inheritance

What is described as a failure to prevent the determinants of health from adversely affecting the individual patient?

Interaction with the health care system

Which determinant of health is emphasized as impacting an individual's health status late in the causal chain leading to disease, illness, and injury?

Health care

What impact does health care typically have by the time an individual interacts with the health care system?

Negative impact

'The success of any health care system is affected by the other determinants of health.' This statement emphasizes the influence of:

Genetic inheritance

'...may limit the long-term success rates of cancer treatment.' This statement refers to the impact of:

Genetic predisposition to breast cancer

'Intentional self-harm (suicide)' was listed as one of the next five leading causes of death. What does this suggest about suicide in relation to other causes?

It is less common than unintentional injuries (accidents)

Test your knowledge on the various factors that influence individual and population health according to the WHO. Explore the influences of environment, genetics, income, education, and social relationships on health.

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