Understanding Leisure and Free Time

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According to Bull, Hoose, & Weed (2003), how do they define leisure?

Any activity that is not work or a necessity

What are the 4 categories of leisure activities as proposed by Page & Connell (2010a)?

Rest, amusement, education, participation

According to Bull et al. (2003), what influences the activities considered as leisure?

Free will and not part of any social, professional, or family related activities

What aspect do Page and Connell (2010a) claim can influence the so-called 'free will'?

People one surrounds themselves with

What can an activity-based approach towards leisure be biased towards?

The most common activities

What is the primary focus of the quality-based approach to leisure?

Outcome of the time spent on activity

According to Neulinger's Drafted paradigm, what is the distinction between perceived freedom and perceived constraint?

Leisure is perceived as freedom, while non-leisure is perceived as constraint

In traditional society, what did leisure primarily signify?

Military superiority and entertainment

What is the main focus of Serious Leisure perspective?

Showcasing and improving skills & knowledge

What distinguishes post-modern society in terms of leisure from modern society?

Shift in values towards individualism instead of religious/political groups

This quiz explores the concept of leisure in relation to free time, discussing objective approaches such as the definition of leisure as anything that is not pure work or a necessity. It also delves into the activity-based approach, potential biases, and the categorization of common leisure activities.

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