Games and Free Time in Greece

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What were some popular games enjoyed by the citizens of classical Greece?

Jacks, dice, and draughts

Who typically performed work in classical Greece, allowing citizens to enjoy leisure activities?

Metics, slaves, and poor citizens

What was a common feature of the Greek symposium?

It involved libations to honor the gods.

What was the role of the head of the symposium during the meeting?

Dictating the rules of the gathering

What was the purpose of libations in ancient Greek symposiums?

To honor the gods through pouring liquid on the ground or altar

How did banquets in classical Greece usually begin?

With libations to honor the gods

What was the purpose of the Panateneas festival in Athens?

To honor the goddess Athena with a procession and offering a woven tunic

What was the significance of the Olympic flame in the Olympic Games?

Manifestation of Zeus's oracle through the fire lit by the winner of the pentathlon

What distinguished the Nemean Games from other Panhellenic games held in Greece?

They commemorated Hercules' slaying of a lion in Nemea

What was the main reason for the establishment of the Panhellenic games in ancient Greece?

To promote peace through sacred truces during times of war

Which god was honored through the Isthmian Games held on the Isthmus of Corinth?


What differentiated the Pythic Games from other Panhellenic games in ancient Greece?

They honored god Apollo at Delphi with competitions

Explore the leisure activities and games enjoyed by the citizens of classical Greece. Discover how entertainment and fun were valued by the few who could afford it, while work was carried out by different social classes. Learn about popular games such as jacks, dice, draughts, and ball games, as well as celebrations related to religious ceremonies and private life.

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