Understanding Law in Business

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What is the role of law in society according to the text?

Serving as a mechanism for social control

How are legal rules created according to the text?

Primarily through lawmakers' intentions reflecting societal will

In what way does law affect citizens, as mentioned in the text?

Imposing an obligation to obey valid laws created through proper procedures

What is the primary purpose of law in society, as described in the text?

To maintain order and harmony by controlling conduct

What is the primary basis of the binding force of legal rules according to Modibo Ocran?

Declaration by appropriate authority

How is the idea of control of conduct related to the law as per the text?

Facilitation and direction

What is considered as the fundamental law governing Ghana?

The 1992 Constitution

In Ghana, what comprises the laws as outlined in Article 11 of the 1992 Constitution?

Constitution and Orders by Parliament

What characterizes the government's legitimacy according to the text?

Derivation from a Constitution

How are provisions in the 1992 Constitution safeguarded against amendment?

Through stringent procedures like referendums

Explore the concept of law in business, including legal rules, principles, and practices that regulate the affairs of people. Learn about different definitions of law and its role as a formal mechanism of social control and dispute resolution in the business environment.

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