Understanding Interface Metaphors in Interaction Design

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What are design principles in interaction design?

Guidelines to structure interfaces and interactions for a user-friendly experience

Which design principle involves cues that indicate how to interact with elements?


What does 'Mapping' refer to in interaction design?

The relationship between controls and their effects

Which stage in the User-Centered Design (UCD) process involves understanding user needs, goals, and pain points?


What is an example of feedback in interaction design?

Providing real-time feedback through animations

How do affordances function in interaction design?

By suggesting the function of design elements like buttons

In interaction design, constraints are used for what purpose?

Preventing errors by limiting user actions

What does User-Centered Design (UCD) aim to achieve?

Develop interactive solutions that cater to user requirements

'Signifiers' in interaction design provide what type of information to users?

'Signifiers' suggest the function of design elements

'Mapping' in interaction design ensures what?

'Mapping' clarifies the relationship between controls and their effects

Explore the concept of interface metaphors in interaction design, where familiar real-world objects are used to represent digital actions. Learn about different interaction types like Command-line interface (CLI), Graphical user interface (GUI), Touchscreen gestures, and Voice commands.

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