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What metaphor is used to describe globalization in the text?


What does 'homogeneity' refer to in the context of globalization theories?

Common practices and economies

What does the concept of 'solidity' in the text refer to?

Barriers that prevent or make it difficult for things to move

Which of the following is NOT given as an example of a natural solid barrier in the text?

Great Wall of China

In globalization, what does 'flows' refer to according to the text?

Movement of people and information

How are liquidity and solidity described in their interaction according to the text?

Melting process

What is the main characteristic of 'liquidity' as mentioned in the text?

Quick and easy movement of people, things, and information

Which term in the text is used to describe the concept of 'movement that is hard to stop'?


What concept does 'porous borders' relate to in the context of globalization?

'Flows' of globalization

Which term is often linked to cultural imperialism according to the text?


What is the significance of space and time in relation to globalization according to the text?

They are crucial elements that play a role in global phenomena

What is one example given in the text to illustrate a modern man-made solid barrier?

The nine-dash line used by the People's Republic of China

What is the definition of Americanization according to the text?

The import of American products, images, and behavior by non-Americans.

Which concept is associated with cultural hybridization?


What does Mcdonaldization refer to in the text?

The domination of Western societies by fast-food restaurant principles.

Which term refers to the differences arising from lasting differences or combinations of cultures?


What does McWorld mean according to the text?

The process by which one political orientation is growing in today’s societies.

What component will be clarified in the succeeding chapters according to the text?


Explore the concept of globalization through the use of metaphors, specifically by comparing it to states of matter like solid and liquid. Learn about how barriers, structures, and flows play a role in defining globalization.

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