Understanding Food Security

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What are the three dimensions of food security mentioned in the text?

Availability, accessibility, affordability

What is the role of the Public Distribution System (PDS) in food security?

Ensuring affordability

How is food security defined in the text?

Availability, accessibility, and affordability of food

What does 'affordability' in terms of food security mean according to the text?

Having enough money to buy safe and nutritious food

Which is NOT a factor that affects food security during a calamity as per the text?

Economic inflation

What is the significance of government vigilance in maintaining food security?

To ensure fair distribution of food

In the context of food security, what does 'accessibility' refer to?

"Food is within reach of every person"

'Affordability' in the context of food security implies that individuals should have enough money to buy food that is:

"Safe and nutritious"

"Sufficient, safe, and nutritious food" mentioned in the text refers to meeting a person's:

"Dietary needs"

"Food security is ensured in a country only if" according to the text:

"Sufficient food is available for all people"

Learn about the concept of food security, which involves ensuring availability, accessibility, and affordability of food for all individuals. Explore how factors like the Public Distribution System (PDS) and government interventions play a crucial role in maintaining food security, especially for vulnerable households.

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