Understanding Ethics and Moral Philosophy

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What is the characteristic of a moral dilemma according to Kurie & Albin (2007)?

Being in a state of difficulty deciding among conflicting choices

What is an example of an organizational ethical dilemma?

Discrimination and harassment

In an individual moral dilemma, what factors might individuals face?

Peer pressure and personal financial position

What does a structural moral dilemma involve?

Facing differentiation vs. integration

What differentiates an individual moral dilemma from an organizational ethical dilemma?

Economic and social status vs bad leadership behavior

What is the common factor between organizational ethical dilemmas and structural moral dilemmas?

Technology and privacy concerns

What is the focus of moral philosophy?

Determining what human beings must do

What is the primary purpose of applied ethics?

Actual application of ethical and moral theories

In normative ethics, what is the guiding principle often emphasized?

Always do good

How do virtues like intelligence and justice help in ethical decision-making?

By providing a foundation for rational decisions

What role does ethics play in helping individuals make decisions?

It helps differentiate between right and wrong actions

Why is being responsible important in the context of ethics?

To promote integrity and accountability

What is the primary focus of normative ethics?

Determining what is right and wrong conduct

What is the Greek word from which the term 'ethics' is derived?


Which of the following best describes the nature of ethics?

A systematic analysis of human actions

According to the passage, what is the key question that normative ethics aims to address?

How do human persons ought to act?

What is the relationship between ethics and moral philosophy according to the passage?

They are used interchangeably

Explore the concept of ethics and moral philosophy, which involves the empirical study of moral decisions and how human beings should act. Learn about the origins of ethics and delve into questions about right conduct and leading a good life.

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