Understanding Essential Nutrients for Humans

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What is the main function of carbohydrates in the human body?

Which nutrient is essential for growth and repair of tissues?

What condition may arise from a deficiency in vitamin C?

Which food group is a rich source of vitamin D?

What is the primary role of mineral ions like calcium in the body?

Which nutrient serves as a long-term store of energy in the body?

What is the main function of iron in the body?

Which mineral is found in red meat and some green vegetables like spinach?

What is the main role of fiber in the digestive system?

Where does chemical digestion primarily occur in the digestive system?

Which organ plays a significant role in physical digestion in the mouth?

What is the main function of bile in physical digestion?


Explore the importance of nutrients essential for human survival and the significance of a balanced diet to maintain overall health. Learn about different food groups and their roles in providing energy and other vital functions for the body.

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