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What is the role of epigenetics in addressing generational trauma?

It explains how trauma can be transmitted to subsequent generations through gene expression

How do environmental factors impact gene function through epigenetic modifications?

They change gene function by switching genes on or off

What is the analogy used to describe epigenetics in relation to DNA?

A library where DNA is the books

How does trauma affect gene expression?

Trauma guides which genes are activated or deactivated through gene expression

What is suggested as a way to change which 'books' (genes) are being read in response to high stress?

Introducing counseling or healthier lifestyles to influence gene activity

What is the focus of epigenetics?

Influencing genetic alphabet

How does trauma impact genetics according to the passage?

It affects the plot of DNA

What analogy is used to explain the relationship between DNA and experiences?

A book and its plot

How can trauma's effect on genes be described?

Adjustable reshaping of DNA story

What does the passage suggest about the impact of trauma on future generations?

Trauma can be passed down through genetics

Test your knowledge of epigenetics, the study of how gene expression can be influenced by external factors and inherited across generations. Explore the impact of trauma on genetics and learn about the interaction between genetics and environment.

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