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What is the purpose of Module 1: State and Non-state Institutions?

What is the main focus of Module 4: Explain Government Programs and Initiatives in Addressing Social Inequalities?

Which topic involves reflecting on important concepts about social functions of Non-state Institutions?

Which module involves suggesting ways to address social inequalities?

In which module are students expected to conceptualize a perspective towards the social implication of the Non-state Institution to the community?

Which module involves reviewing what students have learned from the previous topic?

According to Max Weber, how is political structure or institution defined?

In the Philippine Congress, what two divisions make up the Legislative branch?

What is the term length for the President and Vice President of the Philippines?

According to Macionis (2012), what concept did Max Weber introduce related to power?

Which type of authority is legitimized by respect for a long-standing cultural pattern?

According to Santarita & Madrid, what does the term 'power' refer to?

What does the Executive branch in the Philippines comprise of?

According to Macionis (2012), what is the business of government?

What brings us to Weber’s concept of authority, according to Macionis (2012)?

What is the primary focus of Module 2: Function of Education in Society?

According to the text, what is one of the two identified functions of education?

What did students learn during the early days of compulsory education, according to the text?

In the context of education, what did the teachers and school officials identify students as?

According to the text, what does the functionalist view education as?

What is considered as the second function of education, as per the text?

What is the primary function of education according to the text?

What is the duration of formal education in the Philippines under the K12 program?

What is the purpose of the Bureau of Continuing Education in the Philippines?

What agency was created to promote non-degree technical programs in the Philippines?

What does ALS (Alternative Learning System) in the Philippines offer?

What is the aim of FORMAL EDUCATION in the Philippines according to the text?

What is one of the aims of NON-FORMAL EDUCATION in the Philippines mentioned in the text?

What is one aim of NON-FORMAL EDUCATION in the Philippines according to Executive Order No.117?

What leads to the establishment of TESDA according to the text?


Test your knowledge on state and non-state institutions, the function of education in society, and the concept, characteristics, and forms of stratification systems using sociological perspectives.

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