Understanding Business Models with Business Model Canvas

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What was the primary focus of AIESEC's product strategy according to the text?

Which traineeship pool was added to respond to the increasing demand for short-term teaching internships?

In what year did membership become an official program of the organization?

What did GIP stand for after MT, TT, and ET came together?

Why was the pool of Education Traineeships (ET) added according to the text?

What did DT become in 2012 after a transformation in AIESEC's programs?

Which framework was introduced to help with the implementation of the ambitious AIESEC 2010 vision?

What did AIESEC lose when the focus shifted back to exchange from projects?


Explore the different elements of business models that can be customized by MCs and LCs, and those that require global compendium updates. Learn how to use the color code to comprehend the business model structure and differentiate between youth and opportunity providers as customers.

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