Understanding Big Data

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What are the three main characteristics that big data is typically broken down into?

Volume, Velocity, Variety

What is the fourth 'V' that is considered important in the context of big data?


Why is it noted in the text that simplifying big data into the three Vs can be misleading?

Because it overlooks the importance of data accuracy

What is the main purpose of analyzing massive amounts of data in real time, as mentioned in the text?

To assess the value of customers quickly

Which element is crucial for a business when analyzing big data to impact business outcomes?

Amount and types of data analyzed

Why is veracity an important consideration when analyzing big data?

To ensure accurate prediction of business value

How did companies address the challenge of handling unstructured data elements?

By storing unstructured data elements as one contiguous chunk in a relational database.

What was the limitation of storing unstructured data as BLOBs in relational databases?

It was impossible to see what was inside the object.

What did the object database management system (ODBMS) provide that traditional relational databases did not?

Unified approach for dealing with unstructured data.

What was a key feature of object databases that helped with manipulation of various data objects?

Inclusion of a programming language and structured data element approach.

What significant innovation did object databases introduce to data management?

Introduction of a new level of innovation to handle unstructured data.

In which 'wave' of data management did web and content management play a significant role?

'Wave 2: Web and content management'

Why is it important for companies to secure big data?

To comply with compliance requirements and protect privacy

What is one reason a healthcare company might use big data applications?

To determine changes in demographics or shifts in patient needs

Why should security requirements be considered from the outset in big data analysis?

To ensure security is an integral part rather than an afterthought

What is a characteristic of traditional operational data sources?

Highly structured data in relational databases

Why is it important for operational data sources to encompass a broader set of data sources?

To get a complete picture of the business and understand the impact of data

What kind of data source is increasingly important for businesses alongside structured data?

Unstructured sources like customer and social media data

What is one of the challenges companies face in dealing with different types of data sources?

Making sense of the intersection of various data sources

What contributes to the challenge of managing data in traditional ways?

Vast amounts of data that vary in type and timeliness

What is highlighted as a key aspect of big data in the text?

Using information in more ways than before

Which factor is mentioned as driving the creation of new data sources?

More powerful mobile devices and ubiquitous access to global networks

Why is it impossible to think about data management in traditional ways according to the text?

Varying types and timeliness of data today

What is described as both an opportunity and a challenge of big data in the text?

Thinking about managing data differently

What is the significance of redundant physical infrastructure in big data architecture?

It ensures the operation and scalability of big data architecture.

How does the distributed computing model impact the physical infrastructure in big data?

It allows for data to be stored in many locations and linked together through networks.

Why is redundancy important in big data architecture?

To support a large volume of data from various sources.

How can a private cloud environment benefit from redundancy?

It allows the private cloud to scale out to support changing workloads.

In what way does Software as a Service (SaaS) contribute to redundancy in big data systems?

SaaS can offer redundancy by providing data analysis as a service.

How does the use of external cloud services impact internal IT growth?

External cloud services augment internal resources to contain IT growth.

Learn about the definition of big data and how it consists of a combination of technologies that enable companies to gain actionable insights. Explore the key characteristics of big data such as volume, velocity, and variety.

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