Big Data Technologies: Spark Processing II

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What type of variable is a broadcast variable in Spark?

Immutable shared variable

How does Spark initially send the broadcast variable across the cluster?

Using the driver as the only source

What protocol does Spark use for sending broadcast variables across the cluster?

BitTorrent-like protocol

How are broadcast variables created in Spark?

$Broadcast$ $broadcastVar = sc.broadcast(new ext{ }int[] ext{ }{1, 2, 3});$

What is the purpose of using broadcast variables in Spark?

To efficiently distribute large read-only datasets to worker nodes

Test your knowledge about Big Data processing engine Spark with this quiz based on lecture 10 of IS 365. Learn about broadcast variables, parallelized collections, and more from authoritative sources like 'Learning Spark' and 'Spark: The definitive guide'.

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