Types of Tourism

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Which form of tourism involves visiting a working farm for enjoyment, education, or active involvement?


What is the main focus of Art Tourism?

Exposure to different forms of art like paintings and sculptures

Which type of tourism involves travel to significant sites of atomic history?

Atomic Tourism

What is a unique feature of Cruise Tourism?

Accommodation on a ship with transportation provided

Which type of tourism promotes independent bookstores as a group travel destination?

Bookstore Tourism

What is the definition of ecotourism?

Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas

Which type of tourism combines sailing and boating with vacationing?

Nautical Tourism

What is the primary purpose of shopping tourism?

Shopping as the main objective

What is the focus of nature tourism?

Utilizing natural resources for tourism attractions

What characterizes pop-culture tourism?

Traveling to locations from literature, film, or music

What is the purpose of poverty tourism?

Traveling to less developed places to observe poverty

What is pilgrimage?

Traveling to a sacred place or shrine of importance to one's belief or faith

What is educational tourism focused on?

Organized learning for students not actively seeking a degree

Which form of tourism provides contact with native communities?

Aboriginal Tourism

Dark Tourism involves traveling to which kinds of sites?

Abandoned prisons and hospitals

What does heritage tourism focus on experiencing?

Sites and artifacts representing the stories and people of the past

What is LGBT Tourism targeted at?

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals

Explore different types of tourism including adventure tourism, agritourism, and archaeotourism. Learn about various travel experiences involving physical activities, cultural interactions, and visits to working farms or archaeological sites.

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