Types of Oral Communication Speeches

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What is the main goal of a persuasive speech?

Which type of speech involves the use of demonstrations, descriptions, definitions, and details to explain a topic?

What is the distinguishing feature of an extemporaneous speech?

In what manner is a memorized speech delivered?

What is the primary goal of an entertainment speech?

When are impromptu speeches typically delivered?

What is the primary purpose of the nomination strategy in communication?

What does the restriction strategy in communication refer to?

What does turn-taking strategy aim to achieve in communication?

What does topic control strategy involve in communication?

What is the main concern of topic shifting strategy in communication?

What is the purpose of the repair strategy in communication?

What is the main focus of articulation under the principle of speech delivery?

What is modulation about in terms of speech delivery?


Learn about the different types of oral communication speeches, such as informative, persuasive, and entertainment speeches. Understand the purposes and characteristics of each speech type.

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