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What is the primary function of a brake in a machine member?

To control the motion of the machine member

Which type of coupling is used to connect shafts of a motor and generator that are manufactured separately?

Rigid coupling

What is the purpose of introducing protection against overloads in a coupling?

To prevent damage due to excessive loads

Which material is a Sleeve or muff coupling typically made from?

Cast iron

What is the main purpose of using a universal coupling in machinery?

To allow misalignment of shafts

Which type of clutch is known for transmitting torque through frictional contact between a single disc and a pressure plate?

Single disc clutch

What is a characteristic of single disc clutches?

They are used in automobiles

What is the main advantage of multi disc clutches over single disc clutches?

They have more contact surface discs for torque transmission

In a cone clutch, what is the role of the operating lever?

To disengage the clutch

What is a distinguishing feature of a centrifugal clutch?

It has shoes covered with friction material on the inside of a drum or pulley

When is a multi disc clutch preferred over a single disc clutch?

When large torque transmission is needed

What makes multi disc clutches more suitable for high torque applications?

They have more number of contact surfaces discs on driving and driven shaft

What happens when the centrifugal force is equal to the spring force in a centrifugal clutch?

The shoe is just floating

In a jaw clutch, what type of projections are present in one flange and what corresponds to them on the other flange?

Segmental projections, corresponding recesses

What is the purpose of a brake in a machine?

To absorb kinetic energy of the moving member

How is the driving flange connected to the driving shaft in a jaw clutch?

Rigidly keyed

What happens as speed increases in a centrifugal clutch?

The shoe presses harder against the driven member

How does a cone clutch transmit power between driving and driven shafts?

By friction between cone surfaces

Test your knowledge on different types of mechanical clutches such as jaw clutch, toothed clutch, disc clutch, and more. Learn about the applications and features of single disc and multi-disc clutches in automotive and industrial settings.

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