Types of Government and Political Theorists Quiz

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Which political system is characterized by the supreme power lying in a body of citizens who can elect representatives?

What is the term for a government ruled by a king or queen?

What is the term for a written plan for government?

What is the process through which a person can become a citizen of a country called?

Who supported the ratification of the Constitution in the United States?

What term describes a government in which power is in the hands of a small few?

Which principle asserts that people have all the power, as in the phrase 'We the People'?

What is the term for a universal set of moral principles believed to come from humans' basic sense of right and wrong?

Who opposed the US Constitution and advocated for a Bill of Rights?

What term describes a Greek city-state, such as Athens or Sparta?


Test your knowledge of different types of government and influential political theorists with this quiz. Learn about different forms of government and key concepts related to political theory.

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