Types of Entrepreneurship: Small Business

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What do angel investors provide to startups or small businesses in exchange for capital?

Ownership equity

Which type of business organization is managed by a single person?

Sole Proprietorship

In a Corporation, what does the term 'artificial being' refer to?

The legal nature of a corporation

What type of business organization involves an association of two or more business partners?

Capitalist Partnership

What is the purpose of raising venture capital?

Achieve profitability goals

What does start-up capital refer to?

Capital to keep the business running until break-even

'Liquidating Partnership' involves settling the affairs of a business organization. True or False?


'Managing Partnership' is primarily responsible for contributing money to the business. True or False?

'Managing Partnership' is about managing operations only

'Nominal Partnership' represents itself as a partner but is not one. True or False?

'Nominal Partnership' is not considered a partner despite representing as one

In a Cooperative, what does 'common bond of interest' mean?

A mutual interest in achieving common goals.

Learn about Small Business Entrepreneurship which involves running ventures like hairdressing, grocery stores, travel agencies, and more. Explore the characteristics and examples of this type of entrepreneurial activity.

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