Types of Entrepreneurship: Small Business

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What is the main focus of Social Entrepreneurship?

Producing products and services to address social needs

Which skill is NOT emphasized as a key skill for entrepreneurs?

Programming Skills

What type of entrepreneur starts a business with the belief that their vision can change the world?

Scalable Startup Entrepreneur

Which aspect is NOT listed as a socio-economic benefit from entrepreneurship?

Overconsumption Promotion

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an entrepreneur based on the provided text?

Mechanical Skills

What makes Large Company Entrepreneurship different from Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship?

Size of the company

What is one of the important characteristics that an individual must possess to perform entrepreneurial functions effectively?


Which factor is NOT part of the CROPPIES G model for assessing personal entrepreneurial qualities?

Creativity & Innovation

What characteristic did Lance Gokongwei, the president and CEO of Cebu Pacific, emphasize in accomplishing tasks effectively?

Goal Setting

What is one key function that Ideation serves in the entrepreneurial process?

Generating New Ideas

Which characteristic did Henry Sy, the founder of SM Group, exhibit by tolerating uncertainties and situations with no guarantee?


Which quality is NOT mentioned as important for an individual to succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors?

Market Research Skills

What is the main purpose of angel investors in providing capital to startups or small businesses?

To take ownership of the business

Which type of business organization involves an association of two or more business partners with limited financial liability?

General partnership

In which form of business organization does a person manage all operations and assume full financial responsibility?

Sole Proprietorship

What is the purpose of venture capital being raised by investors pooling their money?

To provide funds for high-potential startups

Which term refers to the total amount of funds needed by a firm to achieve its profit goals?

Capital requirement

What does start-up capital refer to in the context of business operations?

Funds necessary to keep the business running until it breaks even

Explore the concept of small business entrepreneurship, which includes ventures like hairdressing, grocery stores, travel agencies, and more. Learn about the characteristics and examples of this type of entrepreneurship.

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