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Which type of computer is the smallest classification?


What distinguishes a workstation from other types of computers, based on the text?

They can handle processing for many users simultaneously

Which type of computer is optimized for speed and processing power?


In large organizations, which type of computer is mainly employed for various data processing applications?


Are iPads and Tablets considered computers according to the text?

Yes, as microcomputers

What type of computer is more powerful than a mainframe based on the text?


What is a common characteristic of computers according to the text?

Consistent accuracy in processing data

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a characteristic of computers in the text?

Inability to store large amounts of data

What defines a computer's ability to accept input data, process data, store data, and produce output?

Set of instructions from a computer program

Which characteristic ensures that the speed at which a computer processes information is continually increasing?


What type of error in computer data processing is mainly attributed to human factors?

Incorrect entry of data

Based on the text, what is a key advantage of computers being versatile?

Ability to be programmed for various purposes

Which type of computer is known for its high processing power and is typically used for complex scientific calculations?


What type of computer is commonly used for weather forecasting due to its ability to handle large volumes of data and complex calculations?


Which type of computer is designed to be used by a single user at a time and is often used for specialized applications like CAD or graphic design?

Workstation computer

Which one of the following is an example of an input device used to enter data into a computer system?


Which of the following statements does NOT describe Random Access Memory (RAM)?

It stores data (programs) permanently

Test your knowledge on different types of computers including microcomputers, workstations, server computers, and more. Learn about the characteristics and classifications of these computer types.

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