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Which communicative strategy involves the establishment of a topic and is the initial part of a conversation?


Which communicative strategy involves the process by which people decide who takes the conversational floor?


Which term refers to any entity or individual involved in the communication process?


Which model describes the knowledge that speakers and listeners have to communicate appropriately in different social contexts?

Dell Hymes model

Which component of communicative competence refers to the smoothness of how speech is delivered and the ability to speak with confidence and grace?


According to Canale and Swain, how many components are there in communicative competence?


What is the primary focus of Strategic Competence in communication?

Repairing communication breakdowns

Which phase involves audience analysis, context analysis, and research about the topic in the speech writing process?

Pre-wrting stage

What does the 'S' in the SPEAKING model proposed by Dell Hymes stand for?

Setting of communication

Which method of speech delivery involves reading from a manuscript?

Reading from a Manuscript

What is the main focus of Discourse Competence in communication?

Forming a cohesive and coherent message

Which type of speaking is characterized by being given a limited time to prepare?

Extemporaneous Speaking

What is the purpose of the 'Ends' element in the SPEAKING model?

To establish the purpose of the conversation

Which phase in speech writing involves editing, revising, and rehearsing the material?

Post-writing stage

What does 'P' represent in the SPEAKING model proposed by Dell Hymes?

Participants in the communication

What is the primary function of Sociolinguistic Competence in communication?

Adjusting language to the audience

Test your knowledge on communicative strategies with this review quiz. Learn about nomination, restriction, turn-taking, and topic control in conversations.

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