Types of Carbohydrates

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What is the storage form of energy in plants?


Which sugar is found bonded to glucose in milk sugar?


Which type of wheat is used to make white whole-wheat bread?

Albino wheat

What is the sweetest taste among all sugars?


What are the common chemical elements that make up carbohydrates?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen

Which type of carbohydrate is composed of two sugar units?


Which disaccharide is found in milk?


What are the three monosaccharides that serve as a source of energy for breast-fed infants?

Glucose, Fructose, Galactose

What type of sugar unit is formed when one glucose molecule and one fructose molecule bond together?


Which carbohydrate is sometimes referred to as 'blood sugar' because it circulates in the bloodstream?


What type of sugar is found in milk and is composed of one glucose molecule and one galactose molecule bonded together?


Which type of carbohydrate is made up of two glucose molecules bonded together and is found in some foods like beer?


What is the main difference between fructose and galactose as mentioned in the text?

Fructose is bonded to glucose in milk sugar while galactose does not occur alone as a monosaccharide.

How do polysaccharides differ from disaccharides in terms of structure?

Disaccharides have shorter chain lengths compared to polysaccharides.

What makes white whole wheat starch different from the starch found in red wheat?

White whole wheat starch has more nutritional benefits than red wheat starch.

Why must both disaccharides and polysaccharides be broken down during digestion?

To convert them into monosaccharides for easier absorption by the body.

Learn about different types of carbohydrates made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and how sugar units are arranged to form saccharides. Explore the structure and formation of disaccharides in this quiz.

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