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Which compartment contains the total fluid content of all cells in the body?

Intracellular fluid compartment

Where is cerebrospinal fluid typically found in the body?

Transcellular tissue fluid

Which of the following fluids is NOT listed as an example of transcellular fluid?

Blood plasma

Where are the collagen fibers typically found within the body's compartments?

Between membranes of peritoneal cavities

Which compartment includes the blood plasma within the closed system of heart and veins?

Intravascular fluid compartment

What type of fluid is found at various parts of the body and is laid with epithelial cells?

Interstitial fluid

What is the reverse condition of hypervolemia characterized by sodium depletion?


Which term is often synonymous with dehydration as it is caused by a relative deficit of free water in the body?


What are the main ions important for electrolyte distribution mentioned in the text?

Sodium and Chloride

Which condition involves water excess relative to the sodium in the body?


How is hypovolemia usually treated according to the text?

Adding water inside

What causes hypernatremia, making it synonymous with dehydration?

Relative deficit of free water in the body

What is the approximate total body water for a 70 kg man?

42 L

Which fluid compartment is not explicitly mentioned in the text?


What proportion of Total Body Water (TBW) does Extracellular Fluid (ECF) approximately account for?


Which fluid compartment is stated to be about 3.2 L in volume?

Collagen connective tissue fluid

What percentage of the body is water, according to the information provided?


Which type of fluid is categorized as part of Extravascular Fluid in the text?

(Lymph) tissue fluid

What is the formal definition of an equivalent?

Amount of substance that reacts with or supplies 1 mole of H+ ions in an acid-base reaction

Why is it important to maintain balance between intracellular and extracellular ion concentrations?

To ensure proper muscle contraction and nerve function

How does calcium contribute to muscle contraction?

By signaling muscles for contraction

What role do sodium and potassium play in nerve response?

They exchange electrical charge across the membrane

Why is it critical to maintain fluid balance in the body?

To ensure proper muscle contraction and nerve function

What happens when calcium leaves the muscle cells?

Muscle relaxation occurs

What bodily fluid lubricates the joints?

Synovial fluid

Which bodily fluid protects the fetus?

Amniotic fluid

How is the mechanism of thirst triggered in the body?

By osmoreceptors detecting increased solute concentration in the blood

Where does most of the fluid loss of the body occur?

Through urine

What leads to an increase in fluid loss through perspiration?

Engaging in exercise

Under what conditions does generation of metabolic water occur?

As a result of chemical reactions in the body

Test your knowledge on the different types of body fluids found within the human body, including intravascular fluid, extravascular fluid, interstitial fluid, and more.

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