Types of Agroforestry Systems

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What distinguishes intermediate agroforestry systems from commercial and subsistence systems?

They combine production of perennial cash crops with subsistence food crops.

Which type of agroforestry system would be most suitable for a location with a humid climate?


What characterizes subsistence agroforestry systems?

They focus on satisfying basic needs.

In what ecological classification are agroforestry systems involving wind breaks and shelterbelts typically found?

Semiarid/arid lands

What is the primary purpose of the use of trees in agroforestry?

To serve multiple purposes

Which agroforestry system would typically involve the cultivation of coffee and tea plants?

Plantation crops in tropical highlands

This quiz covers different types of agroforestry systems including commercial production of plantation crops with permanent underplanting, commercial production of shade-tolerating plantation crops, and intermediate agroforestry systems. Test your knowledge on these agricultural practices!

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