Types of Advertising Agencies

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What is the primary purpose of advertising?

To persuade a target audience

How is advertising defined in the text?

As a paid persuasive communication tool

During which period did advances in printing technology expand literacy and make commercial messages available to the masses?

Industrial Revolution

What became more important with widespread marketing according to the text?

Recognition of brand names

What do the mass media enable advertisers to do?

Reach many people with a single message in a cost-efficient manner

What is the main function of full-service agencies?

Encompassing account management, creative services, media planning, and account planning

Which type of agency helps the advertiser to control costs and maintain control over brand image?

In-House Agencies

What do specialized agencies specialize in?

Certain functions, audiences, industries, or markets

Which team gathers market intelligence and acts as the voice of the consumer in an agency?

Account planning and research

What is the main role of account management in an agency?

To interpret the client’s marketing research strategy

What is the primary function of the creative development and production team in an agency?

To create content such as copy, art, and media production

What is the specialization of media-buying services in an agency?

Specialize in the purchase of media for clients

What are the three main sources of payment for agencies mentioned in the text?

Commissions, fees, retainers

What are the two recent trends in how agencies are paid?

Performance-based payment and value billing

How has the practice of advertising changed according to the text?

Consumers have taken control of media and marketing through the Web and social media

What has fragmented the media world with new, ever-changing forms according to the text?

Digital media

This quiz covers the different types of advertising agencies, including creative boutiques, media-buying services, and agency networks. It also delves into the organizational structure of agency jobs.

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