Transport Mechanisms Through Cell Membranes

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What is the main function of the phospholipid bilayer in cell membranes?

Acting as a selectively permeable barrier

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 basic mechanisms for transport through cell membranes?

Enzyme Digestion

In the context of solutions, what is the role of a solvent?

Doing the dissolving (substance the solute is dissolved in)

What type of transport mechanism involves moving substances against their concentration gradient?

Active Transport

Which process allows the movement of large quantities of substances into or out of cells at once?

Bulk Transport

What term is used to describe the type of transport facilitated by uniporters?

Facilitated transport

How does the rate of facilitated diffusion compare to passive diffusion?

Facilitated diffusion is slower

Which transporter is responsible for transporting glucose into most mammalian cells?


What is the main function of the Na+/K+ ATPase in animal cells?

Maintain intracellular Na+ and K+ concentrations

Which type of transport occurs via a limited number of uniporters?

Facilitated diffusion

What type of transport is accelerated by uniporters, similar to enzymes?

Facilitated diffusion

What is the function of V-class H+ ATPases in cells?

Pumping protons across lysosomal and vacuolar membranes

Which family of proteins is responsible for transporting a wide variety of substrates?

ABC superfamily

What is the importance of the AE1 protein in erythrocytes?

Crucial to CO2 transport

How do most protozoans control cell volume?

By using a contractile vacuole

What is the role of tight junctions in epithelia?

Sealing off body cavities

How do excitatory neurotransmitters affect the postsynaptic membrane?

Depolarize the membrane towards the threshold level

Learn about the 4 basic mechanisms of transport through cell membranes: Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport, and Bulk Transport. Understand the concepts of solute and solvent in the context of cell membrane transport.

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