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What was the outcome of the patent granted for the use of turmeric in wound healing?

The patent was revoked due to lack of novelty and innovativeness

What is the significance of the case involving the patent for Ayahuasca?

It showed the implications of granting patents for traditional knowledge

What was the reason for revoking the patent granted for 'Da vine'?

It was found to lack novelty and innovativeness

What insight did the cases of turmeric and Ayahuasca patents provide?

The potential exploitation of traditional knowledge through patents

What is the aim of Joint Administrative Order No. 1, s. 2016?

To harmonize rules and regulations between IPOPHL and the National Commission on Indigenous People

What is the goal of defensive protection of traditional knowledge?

To prevent the granting of patents based on misappropriation of traditional knowledge

What does positive protection of traditional knowledge seek to achieve?

Grant exclusive rights on traditional knowledge

Which type of creations are registrable and renewable every ten years under positive protection of traditional knowledge?

Hand-woven T’nalak fabrics of the T’nalak Tau Sebu Inc.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what right does everyone have in relation to scientific, literary, or artistic productions?

The right to protection of moral and material interests

What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantee in relation to freedom of opinion and expression?

The right to hold opinions without interference

In the context of human rights, what is everyone entitled to in terms of economic, social, and cultural rights?

Entitled to realization of these rights through national and international cooperation

When do patented technologies become industrial standards according to the text?

When obtaining test data poses risk to humans and animals' health

Study Notes

Patent Cases

  • The patent granted for the use of turmeric in wound healing was revoked.
  • The patent for Ayahuasca was also revoked, highlighting the significance of this case.

Patent Revocation Reasons

  • The patent for 'Da vine' was revoked due to reasons not specified.

Insights from Patent Cases

  • The turmeric and Ayahuasca patent cases provided insight into the importance of protecting traditional knowledge.

Joint Administrative Order No. 1, s. 2016

  • The aim of this order is not specified.

Protection of Traditional Knowledge

  • Defensive protection of traditional knowledge aims to prevent the misappropriation of traditional knowledge.
  • Positive protection of traditional knowledge seeks to recognize and reward traditional knowledge holders for their contributions.
  • Under positive protection, traditional knowledge creations are registrable and renewable every ten years.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Everyone has the right to protection of the moral and material interests resulting from scientific, literary, or artistic productions.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees freedom of opinion and expression.
  • Everyone is entitled to economic, social, and cultural rights.

Patented Technologies

  • Patented technologies become industrial standards over time.

Test your knowledge of traditional knowledge and intellectual property with this quiz. Learn about the significance of protecting traditional knowledge and the impact of patents on indigenous remedies and practices.

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