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What was Erik Cohen's theory known for?

Categorizing types of tourists based on sociology and anthropology knowledge

Why is the recognition of day visitors as part of tourism important?

Day visitors contribute significantly to overnight visitors' actions and impacts.

Which type of tourist is primarily interested in escaping boredom of daily life?

Organized mass tourist

According to MacCannell (1973, 1989), what was the development of tourism generally seen as?

A strategy to pursue authenticity.

Which type of tourist is 'highly adventurous' and values novelty over familiarity?


Why are tourist movements and destination choices not accidental according to the text?

Because individual or collective motivations shape these movements.

What component does confining the study of tourism to only overnight visitors omit?

The impact of day visitors on local geographies.

How does tourism impact day-to-day lifestyles according to the text?

Tourism influences both leisure and work aspects of everyday life.

Which type of tourist hires a tour guide and has a pre-organized itinerary?

Organized mass tourist

Which type of tourist has motivations for travel other than simply diversion and prefers to travel alone?


Why is understanding tourist motivation important in the study of tourism?

Tourist motivations shape spatial patterns and destination choices.

Which type of tourist is 'least adventurous' and prefers familiarity over novelty?

Organized mass tourist

What is one of the fundamental reasons why social scientists and planners cannot ignore tourism?

Tourism impacts occur across economic, social, cultural, and environmental contexts.

How many people globally are estimated to derive direct employment from the tourism business?

100 million

What role does tourism play in social and economic globalisation according to Shaw and Williams (2004)?

Major role

Why is the word 'tourism' subject to a diversity of definitions and interpretations?

It designates a variety of concepts.

Which discipline is NOT mentioned as an area of study related to tourism?


According to Higgins-Desbiolles (2006), how can tourism impact international relations?

Promote international peace and understanding

What makes the planning phase important in tourism?

It prefigures the actual visit and is followed by reliving the experience through memory.

In the context of tourism experience, what does the model emphasize about geography?

Geography plays a central role in shaping the tourist experience by locating it in specific places.

What differentiates tourism experience from just the visit itself?

Tourism experience includes memories of the visit and its integration into daily life.

How does the model suggest that the tourist experience extends beyond just the trip?

By incorporating aspects of daily life in the home environment post-trip.

What is highlighted as a key feature of tourism in relation to past and future travel behavior?

Tourism as something people have done in the past and might likely do again in the future.

Why does the model emphasize that the total tourism experience is much more than just the visit itself?

To showcase how memory plays a crucial role in shaping tourist perceptions.

What is the main difference between Forcism and Post-Fordism when it comes to manufacturing?

Forcism focuses on large volumes at low cost, while Post-Fordism recognizes diverse demands.

What is the purpose of Niche Tourism according to the text?

To offer tourists tailored vacation experiences based on specific interests.

Why are Tourism Attractions important for destinations?

To provide a unique draw for tourists and differentiate one destination from another.

Which type of attractions are based on the physical geography of a place?

Natural attractions

What defines Human (not originally intended for tourism) attractions?

Places or characteristics that had other purposes but now attract tourists.

How does Niche Tourism differ from Mass Market Tourism?

Niche tourism offers tailored experiences, while Mass Market Tourism provides one-size-fits-all packages.

Test your knowledge on the planning phase of tourism activities and the experience of destinations. The quiz covers inputs, travel components, and the structuring of experiences during a tourism event.

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