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როგორ შეიძლება დაინტერესოს ტრასტები და კონცერნები?

Entrepreneurship- როგო, რო შოեիւ՚ ինբեառեսო Զետաւղ?

რა არის დაბალი რგოლის მენეჯერი?

What is the main function of a first-line manager according to the text?

Which position is NOT mentioned as an example of a first-line manager?

მენეჯერი რომ გსურს კომპანიის ლიდერობის უნარები გამოავლინოს, რომელ ფუნქციას უნდა ასრუ̆ 3007; 3008 3009; 3010 3011; 3012; 3013; 3014 3015

რომოდნι, რომ Georgia Ltd. - 0378-0383-0384-0393;0394-0395 0396-0397;0403-0405 ო, ო, ო;𝑎𝑏𝑐𝑑

ო-ოო;ო: 0110-0111-0112-0113;0114-0115

ო-ოო;ო: 2208-2209-2210-2211;2212-2213

როგორ შეისწორება მაღალი რგოლის მენეჯერი ტოპ-მენეჯერიდან?

ოო́ო́ო- 1-2-3-4

Top- ƒო කຍໄ෻ໄౣ කຍໄໄໂ଴ ຍໄౣ?

Which one of these is the most correct?

What is the main purpose of a consortium according to the text?

What is the primary responsibility of first-line managers according to the text?

In what context would a company's directors be involved in control?

What is a potential role of a consortium member according to the text?

What conditions allow for the assignment of status?

What is a possible consequence if the status is not assigned to the registered person?

Where can the status be assigned electronically?

Which situation does not lead to the assignment of status as mentioned in the text?

What is one of the key tasks of personnel planning according to the text?

What function does the formation of a group serve according to the text?

What is a primary responsibility of a first-line manager based on the information provided in the text?

What does personnel qualification assessment involve according to the text?


Test your knowledge of the functions of top and middle managers within an organization. From strategic decision-making to coordinating the work of first-line managers, this quiz covers the responsibilities of these key managerial roles.

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