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What is the recommended approach for dealing with ulcerative stomatitis?

Treat the infection first, then extract the tooth after acute symptoms subside

What are the common symptoms of acute pericoronitis?

Swelling, pain, and trismus (difficulty opening the mouth)

What is the risk associated with extracting teeth in cases of malignant tumors?

Risk of causing the malignant tumor to spread to another part of the body

What should be done before extracting teeth in patients undergoing irradiation therapy?

Wait for at least one year from radiotherapy before extracting teeth

What is the treatment approach for patients with anemia before and after tooth extraction?

Treat with vit.B complex and folic acid for a long time

What happens in cases of leukemia related to tooth extractions?

Blood transfusion is necessary after extraction

What is purpura's etiology in relation to tooth extractions?

Defect in vessel wall and platelet count

What is a potential consequence of extracting teeth in patients with ankylosis of the temporo-mandibular joint?

'Locked jaw' syndrome

What does systemic contraindications refer to in dental extractions?

General medical conditions that may affect the extraction procedure

How does irradiation therapy affect blood supply in relation to tooth extractions?

Decreases blood supply, necessitating a wait time before extractions

Test your knowledge on tooth extraction methods including intra-alveolar extraction and the tools used such as dental forceps and elevators. Learn about the differences between simple extraction and surgical extraction procedures.

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