Dental Terminology: Tooth Extraction and Surgical Procedures

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What is a common reason for tooth extraction?

Severe dental caries or infection

When might a tooth extraction be necessary in preparation for orthodontic treatment?

When there is insufficient space for wisdom teeth

What condition may indicate the need for tooth extraction?

Teeth in the fracture line

What is a potential reason for removing a diseased tooth?

Extra teeth blocking other teeth from coming in

What is a dental bone graft used for?

Restoring volume and density in the jawbone

What is the purpose of a dental implant?

To replace missing teeth roots

What does decay refer to in dentistry?

Destruction of tooth structure caused by bacteria

What is dry socket in dental terms?

A condition that can occur following extractions, when the blood clotting process is disturbed

What does an apicoectomy involve?

Surgical removal of the root tip to treat a dead tooth

What is the purpose of local anesthetic in dentistry?

Numbing the areas where a tooth or area requires a dental procedure

Test your knowledge of dental terminology, focusing on tooth extraction and surgical terminology. Learn about the indications for tooth extraction and the historical significance of this dental procedure.

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