TK2323 Mobile Programming Sem 1 2023/2024 User Interface Quiz

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What is the purpose of a ViewGroup in Android app development?

To define the layout of the interface by holding other View objects

What is the function of TextView in Android app development?

To display text on the screen

In Android app development, what is the role of Constraint Layout?

To create complex layouts by specifying constraints between UI elements

Which attribute is used to specify the width of a layout in Android app development?


What is the purpose of EditText in Android app development?

To handle user input from various interface elements

What attribute specifies the width of the View or ViewGroup?


Which attribute sets the gravity of the contents (subviews) of the View it's used on?


What is the purpose of the 'padding' attribute in Android layout?

To create extra space inside components

What does 'match_parent' specify in the context of layout width and height?

As wide or tall as 100% of the layout

What is the primary advantage of ConstraintLayout over RelativeLayout in Android?

Supports a flat view hierarchy

Test your knowledge of user interface elements and layout in Android mobile programming with this quiz. Topics include TextView, EditText, ImageView, Button, ViewgroupLayout, Constraint Layout, and more.

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