Thoracic Limb Lameness Part Two Learning Objectives

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Which imaging technique is commonly used for the diagnosis of incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle?


Which condition is characterized by predilection for Spaniel breeds and predisposes to condyle fracture?

Incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle

What is the usual direction of traumatic elbow luxation?


What is the treatment of choice for acute traumatic elbow luxation without degenerative joint disease or fractures?

Closed reduction + splint

Which structure is involved in biceps and supraspinatus tenosynovitis?

Biceps tendon

What is the usual presentation of biceps and supraspinatus tenosynovitis?

Intermittent or progressive pain with full weight bearing

What is a common conservative treatment for biceps tenosynovitis?

Methylpredisone injections

Which imaging technique is used to diagnose biceps tenosynovitis?

All of the above

What is the most likely diagnosis following abnormal physical examination findings of non-weight bearing, swollen, and painful shoulder?

Congenital Luxation/Glenoid dysplasia

What is a potential complication associated with incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle?


What is the recommended aftercare following a closed reduction for traumatic elbow luxation?

Controlled activity and rehabilitation for 4-6 weeks

Which surgical approach is used for Biceps Tenosynovitis?


What is the recommended post-operative care for Shoulder Instability treated with the Open approach?

Velpeau sling for 2 weeks

Which of the following is a common presentation of Traumatic Shoulder Luxation?

Non weight bearing and elbow in flexion

What is the typical prognosis for Shoulder Luxation treated surgically in congenital cases?

Guarded for normal function

What is a common passive stabilizer of the shoulder?

Biceps tendon

What is the recommended treatment for Supraspinatus Tenosynovitis?

NSAIDs and exercise restriction

How is the diagnosis of Shoulder Instability typically confirmed?

< 30 degrees shoulder abduction under sedation

What is a common surgical technique for Shoulder Luxation in traumatic cases?

Suture Augmentation

What is a typical characteristic of Traumatic Shoulder Luxation?

Chronic lameness and progressive pain on shoulder manipulation

This quiz covers the differentials for lameness localizing to the carpus, elbow, and shoulder regions of the forelimbs, along with the etiopathology, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of various injuries and conditions such as carpal hyperextension injury, elbow dysplasia, incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle, elbow luxation, shoulder luxation/instability, and biceps/supraspinatus tendinopathy.

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