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Which physical process accounts for the direct transfer of thermal motion (heat) between molecules of objects in direct contact with each other?


What is the Q10 effect related to thermoregulation?

The rate at which an enzyme-mediated chemical reaction increases for every 10°C temperature increase

Which process involves the transfer of heat by the movement of air or liquid past a surface?


What is the Q10 for a reaction if the rate of glycogen hydrolysis in a frog is 2.5 times greater at 30°C than at 20°C?


Which process involves the loss of heat from liquid to gas?


How does temperature affect an animal's ability to do work?

It increases an animal's ability to do work

What term refers to animals that maintain a constant body temperature?


Which group of animals allows their body temperature to conform to the environment?


What do ectotherms use to regulate temperature?


Which animals use a shivering reflex to warm thoracic muscles for flight?


How do many marine animals, such as killer whales, limit heat loss in cold water?

By using countercurrent heat exchange

What is the simplest way to regulate body temperature in endotherms?

Control of blood flow to the surface of the animal

What do endotherms take advantage of when ambient temperatures rise?

Evaporative cooling in the form of sweating or panting

What do animals resort to when temperatures fall below a threshold?

Thermogenesis or use of normal energy metabolism to produce heat

What is utilized in shivering thermogenesis?

Muscles to generate heat without producing useful work

What part of the body controls mammalian thermoregulation?


What happens when a rise in body temperature is detected by neurons?

'Heat-losing center' in the hypothalamus is stimulated

What is the term for animals that generate their own heat?


Which type of energy is produced by the separation of positive and negative charge?

Electrical energy

What is the term for the coordinated muscular contractions that perform no locomotor function but generate heat?

Non-locomotor thermogenesis

What happens to the ingested chemical energy that is assimilated into the cells?

It becomes absorbed chemical energy

What is the term for the production of chemicals with chemical-energy content such as ATP?


What limits behavior, growth, and reproduction in animals by controlling the amount of food available?

Energy flow regulation

What is the metabolic rate?

The rate of energy consumption or the rate at which an animal produces energy

How can metabolic rates be measured indirectly?

By measuring the usage of oxygen

What is the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) for humans at rest, not stressed, and with an empty stomach?

1600-1800 kcal/day

What affects an animal's metabolic rate?

Physical activity, environmental temperature, and body size

What is the traditional unit of measurement for metabolic rates?

Calorie (cal)

How does the respiratory quotient (RQ) help in measuring metabolic rate?

It measures the ratio of carbon dioxide released to oxygen used up

What technique has facilitated the assessment of metabolic rates from metabolic water production?

$^{2}H$ doubly labeled water

"What technique has facilitated the assessment of metabolic rates from metabolic water production?

2H doubly labeled water

Test your knowledge on thermoregulation, homeostasis, and the Q10 effect in regulating body temperature. Explore how temperature affects enzymemediated chemical reactions and an animal's ability to do work, as well as the physical processes accounting for heat gain or loss.

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