Therapeutic Communication Review

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What communication technique involves rephrasing the patient's words to confirm understanding?


Which type of communication involves acknowledging and accepting the patient's feelings as valid?


Which type of communication should be avoided as it involves expressing pity rather than empathy?


What communication technique focuses on centering the conversation on a specific topic?


Which type of communication involves seeking information to better understand the patient's perspective?

Asking Relevant Questions

Which type of communication involves reacting defensively to a patient's concerns or feedback?

Defensive Responses

What does the technique of 'Sharing Observations' involve in therapeutic communication?

Conveying what the nurse has noticed about the patient's behavior, appearance, or emotions

Which technique involves understanding and sharing in the feelings of the patient?

Sharing Empathy

What is the purpose of 'Sharing Hope' in therapeutic communication?

Instilling optimism and positive expectations

Which technique involves expressing personal emotions to create a connection with the patient?

Sharing Feelings

How is 'Using Silence' utilized in therapeutic communication?

Allowing periods of quiet for reflection

What is the purpose of 'Clarifying' in therapeutic communication?

Seeking to ensure mutual understanding

Test your knowledge on therapeutic communication techniques including sharing observations, empathy, and active listening. Practice scenarios to improve communication skills with patients.

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